Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interesting Idea

Watching Latroy Hawkins give up a homer to Alfonso Soriano led me to an interesting idea. Make a team out of ex-Yankees, and after the year see who did better, the former Yanks or the 2009 Yanks. I'd probably need to wait until the end of the season to properly evaluate the stats, maybe neutralize them to as if they played their home games in Yankee Stadium, but it's an interesting thought. Here's the team I've come up with, or should I say coming up with as I type:

C: Pudge (HOU)
1B: Nick Johnson (WAS)
2B: Alberto Gonzalez (WAS)
3B: Lowell (BOS)
SS: Betemit (CWS)
LF: Juan Rivera (LAA)
CF: Soriano (CHC)
RF: Abreu (LAA)
DH: Giambi (OAK)
Bench: Tony "Gramps" Clark (ARI), Moeller (BAL), Nick Green (BOS), Thames (DET), Mientkiewicz (LAD), Sheffield (NYM), Cairo (PHI), Navarro (TB), Nieves (WAS),

SP1: Vazquez (ATL)
SP2: Randy (SF)
SP3: Lilly (CHC)
SP4: Contreras (CWS)
SP5: Pavano (CLE)
Bullpen: Farnsworth (KC), Hawkins (HOU), Gordon (ARI), Vizcaino (CHC), Dotel (CWS), Ponson (KC), Weathers (CIN), Ohlendorf (PIT), Karstens (PIT)

So yeah, the positions don't work out so well but it's not a terrible match. In general, priority for starting positions went to guys who will play the most and were Yankees more recently and for a longer period of time. Every few days we'll check on the old guys.


Jersey said...

Meeguel Cairo! Don't forget Cousin Sal. Also, where's Taz Clippard on this list?

Dachs said...

Cairo's on there already, Fasano and The Yankee Clippard weren't on major league rosters when I did this. I may have to add the great Dan Giese if Oakland brings him up, and Guiel and Rasner if I decide to get Japan in the house.