Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brings Levity To Our Day

So we've had this leak in the bathroom sink for the last couple days. In order to prevent a major flood, I had the ingenius idea to put a garbage can under the leak to gather the water. This can fills up all the way to the top in like 6 hours, at which point I dump it all into the tub. About 20 minutes ago I came back from class and handled the water business. I then realized that the way I poured it out was very reminiscent of how teams give Gatorade showers to their coach. This led my pointing out to Taz that it would be hilarious if Klinger was still here, and we suddenly snuck up behind him and gave him one. Less than 30 seconds later, who should show up in the apartment but the man himself. We love this show.

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Jersey said...

Funny. Same thing happened to me.