Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Crap Monday

Hey, look, Random Crap Monday! And our top story today, as I was catching up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in my continued quest to see every episode, I saw the March 6th episode with Drew Barrymore. In it, they "spontaneously" decided to play the Fallon hit game show Lick it for Ten. Wait a second, Gossip Girl's back on. And we're back. Anyway, as Drew went in to lick the bowling ball you see above I couldn't help but notice (unfortunately this isn't very visible in the picture): Drew Barrymore has a tongue ring! I'm not sure why this news excites me so much, but hey, whatever.

In other news, former Yankee Ivan Rodriguez just signed with the Astros. It's a good move for both sides, the Astros have two young guys in Towlie and Quintero who they don't feel are ready yet, and Pudge can do the whole veteran leader thing until one of them is ready for prime time. Hold on, 24, it's a busy TV night.

Lost my train of thought there. Whatever. Maybe a Gossip Girl/24/Heroes/How I Met Your Mom review tomorrow, provided I download and watch everything by then.

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