Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why CBS Sucks

So as some of you may know, I was in a Suicide pool, in which I was doing really well, staying alive through the 1st 15 weeks of the season. Then came this week.

Going in I had the least confidence I had of any week since I was stuck picking the horrible Denver Broncos (although in hindsight I had no doubt Seattle was winning today so I should've picked them). Obviously, Denver was losing, but then a straight-up miracle happened. The Jet game ended early so CBS switched to the Buffalo-Denver game. Good times, right? No, so sadly no.

There I am, watching Denver make a spirited comeback, when CBS decides its viewers would rather watch 60 minutes than football. I've never liked CBS, partly because I'm an NBC guy and I just can't understand how CBS is supposedly the #1 network. The only shows on CBS I like are Letterman and How I Met Your Mom and obviously whatever they got going on sportswise. Well bite me CBS. Never again will your old person network grace my TV screen again. Maybe I'll download stuff or go to a bar to watch, but either way, bite me CBS.

In other football news, how bout dem Cowboys. We've somehow managed to continue to control our destiny, how's about actually winning a freaking game now. Do or die next week, it's that simple.

Seriously Broncos, what the hell. I hope you lose next week to my new friends, the Chargers, who did a great job helping us today by beating Tampa Bay.

Now if Carolina can beat the Giants, maybe it'll be an all's well that ends well situation. Until then, at least it's Chanukah. Chanukah rules!

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Jersey said...

What's the difference between Eli Manning and Tony Romo? Forget a Super Bowl ring: how about winning a goddamn playoff game? Seriously, as a Jeter fan, that's something you've got to appreciate.

Too bad ickle Tony won't have the chance to screw it up again in the playoffs this year.