Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WiiTV Live-Blog

Alright, 1st ever live blog on this here blog. If you're not watching WiiTV, you're really missing out. So now, 5 minutes of WiiTV. And here, we, go.

Today's episode begins with Meg Griffin taking a nap. And now Kige Ramsey powerwalking his way towards her, but first he has to sneeze. So he did. Gesundheit Kige. Wow, there's a bit of a cold bug going around as Chin Chan and Hooters sneeze as well. As well. As Butthead spaces out, Taz and Turgel walk toward E-Mac, then stop. And there's Quagmire, and wouldn't you know, he sneezes too. And Turgel sneezes too, seriously Turgel, cover your mouth dammit. Because of you Max had to sneeze also. I think the name of this episode is Everybody Sneezes. I like the episode where the characters speak to each other more, but what can you do, maybe it'll be on later. And Gabi and Butthead now doing the ritual walk around each other without doing or saying anything. Chin-Chan is literally just walking in circles, those mouse traps are gonna get her. AND WITH 1 MINUTE LEFT IN THE EPISODE DACHS MAKES AN APPEARANCE! OH FREAKING BABY!!! And now I'm off camera again, that's unfortunate. This episode sucked, maybe because I'm not high enough yet, or maybe because Klinger sucks all the enjoyment out of life. Either way, live-blogged. Now go click the ad again.

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