Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Crap Monday

Due to the LSAT it's been awhile since I blogged and there's a lot going on that needs to be blogged about, and some of this stuff really deserves its own post and undoubtedly will get that treatment. For now though, let the tradition of Random Crap Monday continue:

A-Roid (more on this to come soon, especially the great quote from the Captain- "Why would I worry about me being on the list?"), my boy Big Al Jefferson out for the year, Ray Lewis to the Cowboys?, a tough Knicks loss, Rangers-Devils tonight, Avery maybe coming back to the Rangers, the LSAT along with its retarded proctors, Obama's wonderful Cabinet, I'm on a boat, the Grammys, Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?, and the formation of the Dachs, Elie, & Shmuly half law firm, half detective agency-solving crime since 2009. Lot of random crap there, we'll see what gets some details soon enough.

And finally, in truly horrible news, RIP Elchonon Kramer, very solid guy who I went to high school with who collapsed while running on a treadmill. Only 21 years old, I guess the best, and most unique, way to describe him would be to say he managed not to be a Marty.


Anonymous said...

Who in the world are you

Anonymous said...

y r u talking like a truck driver??