Wednesday, February 25, 2009

YouTubes of the Day

It's official. The man who once claimed to be the best point guard in the NBA is no longer a Knick. I'll never forget the day we got him, and I'll never forget his time here and the massive disappointment these 5 years have been. And of course, who knows what could've been if he was given a real chance to play in the D'Antoni offense. It's not like we told him to get in shape because we would need him (which he did, as he came to camp in the best shape of his career).

I don't know, I'm very torn about the whole thing. On the one hand, you have a guy who some of his teammates hate and some love, who has had plenty of issues on and off the court. On the other hand however, you have one of the most talented point guards ever, a guy who made putting up 20 points and 8 assists a game look easy, and could get to the rim at will.

I guess I should hate him, but when he goes to Boston and reunites with Kevin Garnett, it'll be hard for me to root against that team, with one of my favorite players reuniting with my favorite player of all time, plus the whole old Timberwolves of the '90s reunion. And you know I love the '90s. I don't know, the whole thing just feels weird.

Anyways, here now, some highlights from his time as a Knick.

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Jersey said...

The Nets should move Carter to SF and have Marbury play SG. No need to start Bobby Simmons.