Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Crap Monday

1st, the Super Bowl. One of the greatest ever although it was absolutely ridiculous that Arizona's last play wasn't even reviewed. I've been saying for awhile how Fitzgerald's an absolute beast, but I'm upgrading that to Larry Fitzgerald is The Truth. Warner was fantastic except for the awful slant to James Harrison. Congrats to him for breaking Montana's Super Bowl record for career passing yards in the losing effort.

As for the Steelers, that last pass from Rongrastname to Holmes in triple coverage was worthy of 5 smirre and they deserved to win this game. Congratulations to my co-host, I'm sure he'll have some thoughts on the victory over at his constantly updated blog. The bad news? If Arizona had held on to win 23-20 I would've finally won a football squares pool. Tough break for the kid, maybe next time.

Onto the other random crap:

The best commercial was obviously the Ford commercial with The Captain. In the non-Jeter division the award obviously goes to Pepsuber. Too bad they didn't show all 3 that aired the night before on SNL. Watch the greatness right here.

Speaking of SNL, another great job by Fred Armisen as Gov. Paterson. How do you know the worst is behind you? When you see a sign saying now leaving New JERSey.

Awesome Office after the game. Start to finish one of the best episodes ever, definitely the funniest of recent memory. The opening was as good as it gets (up there with Dwight getting faxes from himself. from the future.), and hey look! New opening sequence finally!

Andrew Bynum tore his MCL and will be out 8-12 weeks. While if he's back and fully ready to go for the playoffs this shouldn't affect the Lakers too badly, if like last year he ends up missing the rest of the year well then that sucks for the Lakers. Coming into this season their whole gameplan was we'll be as good as last year plus we'll have a healthy and improving Bynum which will put us over the top and help us beat the Celtics. Although from a personal standpoint this is great for me as now Lamar Odom will finally help my fantasy team.

Great night of TV ahead of us tonight as Gossip Girl returns from its random week off, and then 24 plus How I Met Your Mom's return (but download it, don't watch it on you know what) plus the return of the most unintenionally funny show on TV today, Heroes! Welcome back Mohinder, any luck with that gravity/electron density issue yet?

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