Monday, January 12, 2009

The Best Movie of 2008

I did guaran-Dachs-tee there would be a blog post today, so to whoever I said that, click the ad.

Of course, while I guaran-Dachs-teed a post, I didn't say anything about the length, so some quick thoughts on some random crap while I study for the LSAT.

Slumdog Millionaire is a freaking awesome movie. I was going to do a whole review but most people I've spoken to today haven't seen it yet, so let's just say it is well deserving of its Golden Globe for Best Picture, it'll be well deserving of many Oscars (yes, it's better than Batman, no, I didn't see The Wrestler), so go see it.

The Knicks managed to beat the Hornets in New Orleans. Naturally, Tim Thomas sucked in the 2nd half, but fortunately D'Antoni had the bright idea to yank him out of the game before it was too late.

The blog's prognostication went 0-4 this week. Not good times, but in all fairness I did switch one of my picks to the Eagles so yeah! 1-3!

And finally, Jim Rice? Really?!

UPDATE: Holy crap I can't believe I forgot this story. So we're at the theater, and while in line there's a couple behind us talking about which movie they should see. While the whole conversation was hilarious, one movie discussion stands out from all the others.

Dude: Hey, what about Seven Pounds? I heard that was good.
Chick: Who's in it?
Dude: That guy, he's tall, he played Ray Charles. One of the Wayans brothers I think.


Joseph said...

Awesome story, although the post itself is blasphemy. Just sayin.

Joseph said...

Oh, by the way, I'm Taz. On my dad's computer, and apparently it's signed on to his Google account.

By the way, have you ever heard of Imperfect Dynasty? Some guy named Jersey writes it. Don't know who he is, but he's really good. And he had a mouse in his apartment too!

Jersey said...

Speaking of movies, Slammin' Salmon has an actor named Avi Rothman. Sounds kinda Jewish. Best of all, his character's name is Steve Lemmaduche. Lemmaduche?

Jersey said...

Oh, and in Slammin' Salmon... Michael Jai White, aka Gambol from the greatest movie ever, THE DARK KNIGHT.