Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Bout Dem Knicks!

Forget the NFL playoffs. Forget my short encounter with a short punk porn star with pink hair who used to be somewhat frum (no, the curtains don't match the drapes, thanks for asking). Forget the Johnnies' huge upset over Notre Dame. Forget UNC's stunning upset at home to Boston College. Forget the continued reports that Phillips/Garrett are here to stay. Forget finals. Forget papers. There is only 1 big news of the day, on this day.

The defending NBA champions, with a record this season of 29-5, came into the Mishkan, the true Mecca of Sports, the one, the only, Madison Square Garden, and got beat convincingly by your NEW. YORK. KNICKS!

Wilson Chandler was a beast with 31 and 8 (Thanks Isiah!), Al Harrington dropped 30, D-Lee with 14 and 14, plus we held Ray Allen to 16 points and KG to 6 and 9. I'm just sayin, we beat the defending champs, clearly we're the best team in the league. D'Antoni rules.

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Jersey said...

To be read in a Rosie voice:

So uh... Al Harrington... best friends with, uh, Stephon Marbury...

So, uh, you met aaaaaa porn star? To uh quote Arfe, really?

As well.