Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well that was B.S.

It's always a little fishy when the refs get more 1st downs than the offense, but hey, San Diego won fair and square, right? Whatever, the blog goes down to 1-1 and I still have 350 pages of finance crap to read by 1. Not good times. Let's get to tomorrow's picks

Baltimore at Miami

Earlier this season, Baltimore beat Miami in Miami, and it wasn't close. I see no reason for this to change, and it may be an even bigger blowout. In my guaran-Dachs-tee of the week, Ravens win, 31-13.

Philly at Minnesota

The Eagles may be better but I can't in good conscience pick them, so let's say Peterson runs over them all day for 150 yards and 2 TDs, and the Vikings win 27-21.

1 comment:

Jersey said...


We love this game.


Klinger John Carney, let's go Celts.




Seriously, Klinger has no idea what football is.


Wait, the Giants have a kicker named John Carmy?


This is rather blithering.

And for good measure, CBS.

(Rivky Kuperman.)