Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Deathmatch Round 1 Part 3

I'm sure eventually I'll cover some other stuff on this blog like in the good ol' days (Super Bowl? Mosley/Margarito? There you go, they've been covered.), but for now, on this glorious snow day, we have more Round 1 results from Deathmatch.

Cash 4 Gold killed Shelley. Shelley went very politely and she will be missed.

Clyde Frog took out Michael Scarn (Seforim Sale, Slow Punch and noted hermaphrodite bedwetter Eli Manning can no longer win as well, as well). Clearly Scarn should've had a real gun with him, instead of relying on his improv skills.

Kig-Ram was poisoned by the Klinger Water and was disgusted by it. Klinger representatives are now 3-0 so far in Deathmatch.

In the first matchup of captains, Meles killed Greg lol. Lol, lol. (Wake up Foo, Tovi, and Guiel?! say goodbye to their chances of winning.)

And finally, after staving off an attack from an Electron Density zombie, Gravity was Raped in the Face. And just like that, Mohinder really is running out of excuses as to why he can't figure out what caused the heroes to lose their powers. Kudos to Raped in the Face who although it can't win since its idiot captain Matt Berger got himself killed, is still going out and getting the job done. Well done Raped in the Face!

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Jersey said...

1. Shelley took the vacation of a lifetime.

2. Kig-Ram shouldn't drink Klinger water. He should crackers.