Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Picks

I'm less than 24 hours removed from writing almost 3500 words about Reb Yisroel Salanter, so no details today. Onto the prognostication:

2-2 last week, 1-0 guaran-Dachs-tees:

Titans over Ravens (in the guaran-Dachs-tee of the week), Panthers over Cardinals, Giants over Eagles (Jeter Christ how I hate both teams), Chargers over Steelers (sorry Elie, after much thought I think SD not just covers, but wins outright).

In other news: Tim Tebow is as awesome as Tim Thomas sucks, Eddy Curry is really fat, and I would rather have Smoltz and Sheets than Burnett, even without factoring in the fact that we'd be saving about 3 million a year.


Jersey said...

Guaran-Dachs-tee has been Guarantazzed! Sloooooooow punch!

Dachs said...

Guaran-Dachs-tees cannot be responsible for Chris Johnson getting hurt in the 2nd quarter.

Jersey said...


Zero for four.

I can't believe you picked the Giants. You asked for it.