Sunday, January 11, 2009


My thought process coming into this game was that I obviously can't root for either team, but I hate the Eagles more so I'll root against them. Oh how wrong I was. As soon as I saw the hermaphrodite bedwetter pictured above I knew there was only 1 possible thing I could root for: The continued sucking of everything that he does. My favorite Eli Manning moment of the day? The failed QB sneak on 4th and inches. Giant fans, suck it. Manning sucks, Jacobs sucks, Bradshaw spent more time in jail than Pac-Man, Plaxico shot himself, it ain't 2008 anymore baby. Sweet baby Jeter, 2009 is here!

And to any comments I'll get about how the Cowboys didn't even make the playoffs, bite me. 2008 has already been established as a truly horrible year from which nothing can be proven, while 2009 to this point has been pretty damn awesome. ROMO!

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