Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Deathmatch Round 1, Batch 2

Joanna Angel blew The House down. She felt badly about this though and proceeded to clean The House's bathrooms.

Kevin Malone killed Dachs. Wait. Dammit. That's me. I'm dead (and Breslov, Lea and Rappaport can no longer win). Fortunately I still have representation in the tournament but still, balls. This sucks. I hope Kevin chokes on his M&Ms.

Finally a captain escaped the 1st round as Bryna Roth defeated If U Seek Amy. So many jokes to make, too many random people who may be reading this.

Inspired by this victory, captain Kushner took down Heartbreakers. Or is it, heartbreaKERS!!!

Norm MacDonald attempted to kill Dachs & Elie. Fortunately for the greatest radio show of all time, WYUR is broken and therefore we managed to escape before it was too late. Norm proceeded to then devour Turkey Penis, and captains now have a 3-game winning streak.

Stay tuned to this blog for all the Deathmatch news and results.

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