Friday, January 30, 2009

Deathmatch Round 1 Part 4

Make believe there's a deathmatch picture here. I'm tired, lazy, and South Park's on so use your imagination.

Purple Lips killed Baraka. For the 1st time in his life Purple Lips came through in the clutch.

Nightline took out Segal. This is a huge favor to Ugly Transvestite Chick since Segal is known for killing his own captain.

Kilinkies beat Dachs's Stuffage. Now you'll have to listen to Emo Crap or Bencion's Library.

Broken Guitars smashed Carmy (Casino, Emo Crap and Romo can no longer win since he was their captain). Screw you Carmy, I hope you get upstrummed forever.

Guarantaz beat Shaina (Klinger People, Turkey Juice and Turgel's beard can't win). All that leather-bound money and she still got guarantazzed.

Winky smashed Broken Mirror. He then gave it as a going away present to John and his beloved Doc.

Jersey blithering retorted The Kouz (Cheryl, Warning Track Power and Norm...And Peter Yay can no longer win).

Dachs's Old Blog beat YU Cleaners. The power of Jeter Christ compels.

Holly Davis took out the Senile Old Lady.

Her husband Lewis Davis then shat all over 2girls1cup, former sponsors of Dachs and Elie. Was that equitable? Discuss.

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Paul Kentor... he's got a great set of pipes.